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Why Choose US Health Testing?

US Health Testing is one of the Nation's leading providers of drug and alcohol testing for employers, law enforcement, courts and government agencies. We also provide testing for individuals who want to have their drug and alcohol tests done. Employers and individuals consistently choose us for convenience, discretion, quality and safety.

All fifty States and over fifty major cities have our drug testing centers to help you get the screening tests for drugs that are FDA approved and SAMSHA certified.

Drug testing methods include urine, hair, blood and fingernail. Testing purposes include employment, court ordered, probation, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return to duty and family related testing.

We provide DOT drug testing and related services for regulated companies. These include DOT drug tests, breath alcohol tests and consortium enrollment with the FMCSA. US Health Testing has more than 20,000 drug testing locations ready to serve your needs.